Acceptance of Embryos Opportunity for Dr. to review infectious disease screening and Embryologist to review embryology report and grading system prior to accepting your patients embryos.
In most cases once clinic accepts the potential adopters profile is submitted to donors for their choice. See   Flowchart for Adopters.

Embryos in Cryostorage with past due accounts?

Refer patients to our website.


EA may provide Cryostorage reimbursement which can be paid directly to your clinic or cryostorage facility. 
EA also has a mailing insert as a decision option:

EA Can Refer Patients to your clinic for FET

Embryos Alive is not a clinic, we do not store embryos here.  Embryos Alive is a matching service.  We can refer adoptors to contact you to do their Frozen Embryo Tranfer with donor embryos.

Pre-I.V.F. Planning Packet/ Disposition of Embryos