ART Assisted Reproductive Statistics from the CDC most recent version

Blood lab work companies- Lab Corp  OR Quest Diagnostics (if you have insurance)
Labs Inc. (if you have no insurance)



Embryo Availability Statistics

FDA May 25, 2005 Regulations

History of Embryo Adoption

Levels of Openness   

Likert Scale to help determine your preferred level of contact

Pre-IVF Planning

PGS PreGenetic Screening Overcomes 50 to 71% of Miscarriages and IVF Failures

Respecting Adopted Embryos

Sacred Hearts Guardian and Shelter's service is offered at no cost and that we can deliver the service in a way that respects different preferences anonymity. Compared to the standard practice of medical waste disposal, burial respects the human dignity of the embryo and can hopefully provide closure and peace for the adopting family.


Here is the link to the Resurrection Cemetery where the quarterly burial takes place, together with a communal fetal remains burial for families who have experienced miscarriage:


Located in Mendota Heights, Resurrection Cemetery is a peaceful landscape of natural beauty filled with history, family memories and wildlife.


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