Are you an IVF success, or have you moved on from IF infertility treatments? Do you have embryo/s stored in cryogenic banks/ frozen orphanages- that you would like to donate for adoption? Would you like an   Application for donation?

Embryos Alive has many married or singles waiting to be matched with your remaining embryos.

There is no charge to donors!
We help you match with parent/s like you.
You choose from open, agency liaison, or anonymous adoption.
You choose the type of family or we can do the match it's up to you.

Benefits of Donating through E.A.

  • It gives your remining embryo/s a chance for life.

  • It relieves you/donor/s of the stress of deciding what to do with embryo/s.

  • It provides fulfillment in helping other infertile parent/s.

  • There is assurance that the adopting parent/s have been well-screened for their ability to become successful parents.

  • Donors choose from options of transparent-open/ limited open, agency liaison/closed-anonymous with the Donor sibling Registry, age range, single or married, geographic location, number of other children in the home, level of education, values, religion, ethnic background, use of a surrogate, health, employment and other profile parameters with like minded adoptors. Embryos Alive may choose a family if you prefer.

  • Agency maintains records, contact information, and acts as go between for you and the adoptor/s or use the donor sibling registry (not affilitated with Embryos Alive)

  • Pre-planning packet   Pre-I.V.F. Planning Packet   helps you decide what to do with your frozen embryos for the unforeseen issues like death, divorce, or legally debilitating accident.

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