Embryos Alive Application For  Embryo Donation 

Congratulations on your successful IVF and thank you for donating the opportunity of a lifetime!   
The following information will help us get started and find the right family for your embies 
or you can call it takes about 3 minutes !

 Note: Regarding FDA or Repeat Clinic Bloodwork--
If your embryos were stored after May 25, 2005 the recipients clinic may request repeat STD blood work 
and in some cases before May 25, 2005. Although you as a Donor do not pay any fees, the adopters may 
be required to have you obtain additional blood work and that additional blood work can cost adoptors 
between $300.00 to $800.00 per person if not covered by your insurance- 
adoptors really appreciate it if you can use your insurance and they are happy to pay your insurance co-pay as applicable.