Embryo Adoption

Step 1 Application Process Checklist 

To have your profile submitted to a donor and be considered for any embryos first submit step (1) one checklist
 (contact us for the packets of the most up to date version and Step 1 and 2 Checklists) embryosalive@yahoo.com

1. Application/Fee  (prior to submission of your profile to a donor)​

* Disclaimer/Fee/Disclaimer Contract prior to submission of your profile 
                         to  a donor
*  you and spouse- if applicable- may notarize separately (there are 2 notary spots)


2. Disclaimer:
This page and its content may be updated without notice. Contact EA for the current version of step one and step two checklist.

3. Dear Genetic Parent/s Letter

4. Profile, photos or collage of family-extended family, inside and outside of home, and any pets about 6-8 jpg email or mail

5. Process Pre and Post FDA May 25, 2005

6. Release of Information

7. Disclosure

*Match Contract  *(due within 48 hours of match and acceptance of match) so be sure before you apply and accept-there are no refunds for any fees
**( A and R is not sent to donors until these items are in E.A. office) 
*** you and spouse- if applicable- may notarize separately (there are 2 notary spots)

* Mail, scan, or fax: 1. completed application, 2. disclaimer, 3. release of information 4. disclosure 5. fees  
(PayPal embryosalive@yahoo.com add 10.00 to pick up)        EmbryosAlive@yahoo.com   Fax: 727-489-2427

Step 2    Checklist Dossier 

If you have a current home study, mail or fax a copy to Embryos Alive 7741 Pfeiffer Road, Cincinnati, Ohio  45242-5020 Fax 727-489-2427

·        If you do not have a current or pending approved homestudy, please provide the following dossier or documents in order to complete and process a match. 

9b. Compile, organize by corresponding number, and use either sticky notes or numbers on each document.

10. Letter of Understanding of Process

11. Physician's letter (stating you could carry a child to term)

12. Criminal History (selection.com)

13. Affidavit of Criminal History

14. Embryo Agreement and relinquishment (email us) (A and R)
* you and spouse- if applicable- may notarize separately (there are 2 notary spots)

15. 4 References (non-relative)

16. Proof of income (pay stub/current income tax/employer letter)

17. Protocol awareness letter (thawing protocol may not be available)

18. Home Owners Insurance (copy)

19. Health Insurance (copy)

20. Life insurance (copy)

21. Will (or letter regarding the will) notarized

22. BMV or DMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles/Department of Motor Vehicles) history

23. Copy of drivers license/s

24. Sex Offender Clearance

25. Counseling Awareness Letter

26. Quality Survey